I DREAM IN HD by living in the end. Morning, Noon and Night. I trick my conscious mind by training my subconscious mind into believing that I am already who I want to be. Thereby, attracting a bridge of events which leads me to my desired end goal. Your outer world is the exact reflection of your inner world, never forget that.
— Moneysha Walker, Designer
I DREAM IN HD by learning from all of the creative and entrepreneurial individuals that I come into contact with everyday. I’m constantly inspired to go out and create something bigger than myself. Creativity is contagious!
— Coreyiel, Publicist
I DREAM IN HD by telling myself that my parents did not bring neither me or my siblings here in vain. They did not bring us this far for it not to be fruitful. And surely I did not come this far to simply come this far.
— Stephanie, Artist
I DREAM IN HD by materializing my desires, I live in the moment and I am present in the day. I orchestrate my ideas, then act on them. I move with intention.
— Jasmine, Photographer