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Alexander Julian is the life of the party—quite literally—so it’s no surprise that his style represents the same components of a NYC soirée; fun, colorful, diverse and entertaining. Julian welcomed me into his Brooklyn apartment on a humid summer Saturday and I was met by a chic version of a bachelor pad, with conversation pieces from different parts of his life sprinkled throughout.

While he put together his looks for the shoot, tunes that ranged from Trap to Afrobeats whipped through the space. Observing Julian in the comfort of his home with his clothing was an experience that proved everyone has an eminently personal relationship with what they wear each day—no matter where their style falls on the fashion spectrum.

As a fashion and travel editor, his style is also a testament to the various places and people he is exposed to on his work excursions. You can log onto Instagram and see him go from Rwanda to Tahiti in a week—I mean, goals. He incorporates a wide assortment of fabrics, cuts and hues from different cultures into his wardrobe and he doesn’t shy away from anything. Julian’s Nigerian lineage plays a further role in that. Needless to say, that’s just one of many inspiring things about the Texas native. To sum it up—because I know you’re eager to get to the feature—Alexander Julian is a fashion melting pot. Go on, see for yourself.

What's the most personal element about your style? Does it have a direct connection to a person, place or thing?

I think a strong common element within my style is fit. I love exploring different silhouettes with what I wear, and I am always true and particular about the shapes I’m trying to achieve.

Describe your style trajectory. How has it changed through the years? Where are you now on your style journey?

My style trajectory is definitely an interesting one. It’s changed so much throughout the years, I survived most of the popular trends like retro 80s influence, dandyism, and sartorial beaconing. I even had a long stint with sneakerhead culture back in high school. Now I would say I’m in a more comfortable state. I dress a lot for comfort now. I’m a new and budding member of cozy boys ent. I also embrace a feminine twist to my dressing that I was once afraid to explore. I noticed years ago that men's fashion was really just women’s fashion 2-3 seasons late. For example, the vast migration to skinny/slim pants to even smaller points like chokers. So when I see something I like I wear it, without worrying about what it’ll look like when I’m wearing it. I’m more comfortable in my masculinity and I think it shows in my dressing. I recently started wearing pearls.

Has Instagram's dominance influenced your style at all?

As much as I love Instagram and am constantly on it, I can’t really say that it’s inspired my style. I do think that Instagram allows me to see all the inspiration that I would otherwise have to seek out in one place. For example, If I’m inspired by a runway look, rather than having to go to, I can see the look by following @voguerunway. But most of my style is truly inspired by real people that I see on the street, especially the super stylish streets of Brooklyn.

How have you dealt with struggle and learned to overcome it while on your path? Or would you say it’s an ongoing learning experience?

It’s definitely an ongoing learning experience, but one thing that I’ve always believed and has always proved true is to never let an issue keep you down. Things will go wrong, and not as planned, but as long as you take the situations by case, and work hard, I believe that things will work out as they’re supposed to. The thing is understanding that things "working out how they’re supposed to" doesn’t equate to them working out how you want them to.

Things will go wrong, and not as planned, but as long as you take the situations by case, and work hard, I believe that things will work out as they’re supposed to. The thing is understanding that things “working out how they’re supposed to” doesn’t equate to them working out how you want them to.
— Alexander

When going through a rough patch in life, do you tend to overdress or underdress?

I want to be cool and say that I overdress, but if anything I definitely underdress. Style is a form of expression, and if I’m not feeling great it’ll show. I’m not too good at faking the funk.

What do most people assume about you based on the way you dress?

I would say it varies because my day to day style can change at the drop of a dime. I think overall, people see the way I’m dressed and think I probably take myself more seriously than I actually do. I feel like people could look at me and think that I’m wearing some coveted piece or outfit that costs tons of money and was meticulously put together, when in fact, it’s some random jacket or t-shirt I picked up at a souvenir shop.

Do you think you have a clear idea of what your style identity is? Why or why not?

I don’t, because style is a living breathing thing. It’s constantly changing. We take in so much on a day-to-day basis that effects us, and in turn, affects our style–knowingly and unknowingly. I mean I do have an idea, but I wouldn’t call it “clear.”

Aside from personal style, what other forms of self-expression do you indulge in? How does it alter your style, if at all?

My work means a lot to me, so much so, that I sometimes worry about how tied to it I am to it. It’s my most pure form of self-expression. My work encourages me to push the boundaries of my personal style and gives me the courage to be authentic.

How do you DREAM IN HD?

I DREAM IN HD by doing what I love, trusting in God, and moving accordingly. Everything happens for a reason, and when you believe in a higher power He becomes the reason. So I stay focused on myself, trust in the Lord and everything that’s meant to be will be.

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Written and produced by: Maricia Josephs | Photography: Andre Uncut