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There are beings who naturally embody eclecticism and Crystal Anderson is one of them. Her look isn’t at all definitive, and on any given day, you never know what you’re going to get. Her personal style is so electric that you’re bound to feel its energy upon first glance. Her ensembles consist of excitingly vivid mash-ups that inspire onlookers to go ahead and be bold for once. With Anderson, you can always expect to catch her in something that will make you look more than twice, in awe. Our favorite? Her open-toe fish flip flops. We’re also equally quite obsessed with her neon green hair. Go ahead, see for yourself.


What's the most personal element about your style? Does it have a direct connection to a person, place or thing? 

My style on a whole is incredibly personal. It's an amalgamation of all of the things I've seen, places I love and people that have come before me.  

Describe your style trajectory. How has it changed through the years? Where are you now on your style journey?

In college I was incredibly, typically feminine: high heels, short skirts and "going out" tops. While I felt totally comfortable dressed that way, I felt like I was working to upkeep a standard of beauty that was prescribed by attending the illustrious Howard University—HU! YOU KNOW! When I left school and moved to NY, my style became much more about the way that I wanted to present myself to the world and what made me feel most beautiful. Obviously, I lean very heavily toward eclectic and feel most like myself doing so. You'll rarely see me in a plain tee and jeans, without some absurd accessory. I think my current tomboy with a feminine razor's edge is where I'll most likely stay, in terms of my personal style. 

Has Instagram's dominance influenced your style at all? 

I love people watching via Instagram. Folks have such amazing style, and it is rad to see the way people wear their clothes. But the dominance of Instagram isn't enough to influence my own personal style. I wear the fact that I stylistically march to the beat of my own drummer as a badge of honor. 

How have you dealt with struggle and learned to overcome it while on your path? Or would you say it’s ongoing learning experience? 

I've been incredibly open about my struggles with mental health and it will forever be an ongoing cycle of learning what works for me. I rest in the knowledge that I make incredibly intentional decisions, in an effort to wake up my best self. It's not easy, but I try to be present and do the work each day. 

I rest in the knowledge that I make incredibly intentional decisions, in an effort to wake up my best self. It’s not easy, but I try to be present and do the work each day. 
— Crystal

When going through a rough patch in life, do you tend to overdress or underdress?

Overall, I believe in dressing for the day I want to have not the day I'm having. If I wake up in a shitty mood, I try to find something incredibly fun to wear. I'll try to put effort into my clothing, because I've also been in a dark place, where thinking about clothing and style was the most trivial of pursuits. That said, when I went into treatment and had to have clothes brought to me, I asked for all of my best stuff, so that even while I was in a mental health facility, I could feel like I was doing something for me and that something was presenting myself as the self I knew was inside. 

What do most people assume about you based on the way you dress? 

You know what? This is a fucking fantastic question! People assume I'm some cool kid fashion girl and it could not be even further from the truth.  They assume I may be too cool for school because of how I dress or what I do for work. Let me say it for the people in the back "THAT AIN'T ME!"  Truly, I'm still a weird awkward kid from South Carolina who likes to watch bad TV, chill with my friends, play spades, drink beer, makes jokes and sing old Hot Boyz songs. Often I get DM's from people who are like "Hey, just saw you on the street but didn't want to stop you." Stop me!  I'm not famous, I'm regular degular schmegular. Honestly, truly. 

Do you think you have a clear idea of what your style identity is? Why or why not? 

I don't think so. I shop any and everywhere and draw inspiration from a million different things. I guess my style identity is rooted in my desire to not look like anyone else, not because I want to set myself a part, but because I think there is a beauty of cultivating a look that is all my own. 

Aside from personal style, what other forms of self-expression do you indulge in? How does it alter your style, if at all? 

Style really is my number 1 form of self-expression. I think about it constantly. I guess other forms of expression may be the choices I make with my hair: dying, shaving it off, braids, etc.

How do you DREAM IN HD? 

I mean, is there any other way to dream these days? Though lately I'm really trying to LIVE in HD. Every single day. 

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By: Maricia Josephs, Founder and EIC of DREAM IN HD | Photography: Andre Uncut