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Naomi Elizee carries the kind of effortlessness that can’t be bought, no matter how much money you have to spend on a down payment. Her cool reveals itself over time as she continues to come into her own—it's organic. By day, she’s a part of the fashion team at VOGUE and by night, she models for some of your favorite brands. Elizee’s style takes elements from every fashion genre and merges them to make the very look we admire. She’s sporty spice, baby spice, and posh spice at once. Her curly crown—à la scary spice—and  effervescent smile flawlessly top it all off. 


What's the most personal element about your style? Does it have a direct connection to a person, place or thing? 

The most personal element of my style are my family's trinkets and hand-me-downs that I try incorporate in my everyday looks. When I go to put on my outfit every morning, I like to wear something that reminds me of home, whether it’s a piece of jewelry or an article of clothing. One of my favorite rings that was handed down to me from my sister, is a stunning gold ring with the word "love" engraved on it. I wear that ring everyday—it's like taking a piece of home with me everywhere I go and in turn, helps the homesickness. 

Describe your style trajectory. How has it changed through the years? Where are you now on your style journey?

My style evolves with each new day. As I continue to grow as a woman and come into my own, my style follows suit. Early on at the ripe age of 5, I loved colors and shapes and never left the house in an outfit I didn't put together, whether cute or not—which to this day, my mom scorns me for. Sorry mom! Middle school and high school were my true experimental stages. From Punk, Tomboy, 90's inspired to Sporty, there wasn't a trend I did not try. My style changed frequently because of influences from my friends and trends that were popular at the time. When I began college and my career in the fashion industry, I started to truly hone in on who I was and how I wanted the clothes I wore to reflect that. At this moment in my life, I am at the peak of my style journey and I'm so excited to see what is next.  

Has Instagram's dominance influenced your style at all?

There are many aspects to Instagram that are inspiring—it truly is the new Tumblr! There are gem accounts you can pull references and images from but you just have to dig for the good ones. To name a few, accounts such as @Novembremagazine, @DazedFashion, @OracleFoxJournal and @SunuJouranal produce content that truly resonates with me and in turn influences my style for the better. Instagram challenges my creative views and keeps my mind open to new inspiration. Not to mention, the explore page can be a blessing in disguise for showing you images you may have never seen before.

How have you dealt with struggle and learned to overcome it while on your path? Or would you say it’s ongoing learning experience?

My path has been full of struggles and I’m so grateful for them because they have crafted me into the person I am today. Having a strong home base here in NYC has been the main factor in my ability to overcome any strife's that happen along my path. Even though my family is back in Florida, facetiming my mom or one of my sisters when I'm down keeps me centered, helps me to refocus on the good and work towards putting the bad in the past. Oh, and special shout out to my amazing friends! They are a blessing and I thank God for them every day, because they offer me unconditional support and love. It is an ongoing learning experience. I don't think I'll ever stop facing obstacles and I've come to terms with that. It's just a way of life and it's not the obstacles you face that shape you, but the way you move past them.

It’s not the obstacles you face that shape you, but the way you move past them.
— Naomi

When going through a rough patch in life, do you tend to overdress or under dress? 

Hate to admit it, but under dress. If I'm under the gun and high stress, I tend to focus on the issue at hand and not care if my outfit is as bangin' as it could be. A rough patch truly is rough for me and my whole sense of self is affected. I'm working on that though, giving you my word that the next rough patch I go through my outfits will still be fly! 

What do most people assume about you based on the way you dress? 

Most people assume I have it all figured out...surprise! I don't. I'm still figuring it all out like everyone else. It doesn't hurt to look like I have it all together though. I also feel sometimes people find my sense of style intimidating, and as a result think I am unapproachable, which is far from the truth. I love connecting with others whether it is a friend or a stranger. There are so many types of people out there with various outlooks on life, fashion, art, music, etc. that I want to continue to explore and learn from. So if I am at an event or just on the street, I love to be approached, or vice versa. 

Do you think you have a clear idea of what your style identity is? Why or why not?

Honestly, not yet. I would say I am about 80% sure of what my style identity is, and I am completely OK with that. My style in the past has been very eclectic as I love to experiment to see what works for me and what I am comfortable in. Now, as I am maturing, I have made it a point to really zero in. Like I've mentioned before, as I continue to grow, so does my style and I’m so close to finding the other 20% and really embodying who I am through the clothes I wear.  

Aside from personal style, what other forms of self-expression do you indulge in? How does it alter your style, if at all? 

Not many people know this but I keep a journal. There was a time when I struggled to express my emotions and voice my opinions and a friend recommended I start to write my thoughts down. At first I was hesitant because the thought of having a diary seemed very juvenile, but after my first writing session, I found it to be the most liberating and therapeutic moment for me. I'm not sure if this affects my style but it sure helps me keep a clear mind. 

How do you DREAM IN HD? 

I DREAM IN HD by being open to the unknown. It is so true that you cannot achieve success if you are afraid to take a chance—I want to take all of the chances! I also DREAM IN HD by offering guidance and help to others. I stay true to who I am and won’t change for anyone.

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By: Maricia Josephs, Founder and EIC of DREAM IN HD | Photography: Andre Uncut